Turn out for what


The varsity Centralettes perform their hip hop routine at LCDI. The team was in the the AAA category. Photo By: Justin Andrews (’18)

Justin Andrews, Author

On Saturday, Feb. 3, the Centralettes hosted their 25th annual Lake Central Dance Invitational in the gymnasium. The girls only did exhibitions, so they could not win any awards for their performances.

  “Everyone tries to make it special for the returning dancers who come to support. The parents and girls work hard to make it memorable for the seniors as well. It’s a lot of fun, but we still work and do our best when we perform,” Madeline Andrews (12) said.

Both Centralette teams performed in Jazz and Hip Hop and two of the team members performed solos and a duet. While performing can bring a variety of emotions to the team, they never show them during performances.

  “I think we did really well. LCDI is always a bit emotional, but we always try to put our emotions aside when we have to perform so we remain collected and confident. After our performances is when we allow our emotions to get to us,” Andrews said.

  The invitational gave the girls an opportunity to fix any flaws in their performance before other competitions. It is important for them to try to get them perfected before their State and National competitions.

  “At certain competitions, I can feel our team get tense because we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to go out and impress everyone watching. If we relaxed a bit more, I believe our performances might go a bit more smoothly, and we would be able to have a more enjoyable time when competing,” Andrews said.