Interact Club Supports Autism by Selling Roses


Julie Popiela (12) (left) and Rachel Miotke (12) (right) sell roses for Interact Club. The proceeds from the roses sold were to support Autism Awareness.

Ricardo Paz, Author

On Tuesday, Feb. 13, the Interact Club sold roses during lunches for Autism awareness. Roses were sold for $1. 

 Interact Club supports many functions around the school. They’re a service club that helps people in Lake Central and in the Region.

“I like being able to help a bunch of different causes. We support the St. Baldricks committee, we help out with stuff like this and the food drive. It’s just nice to be able to help a variety of different people in the Region,” Rachel Miotke (12) said.

The club sold roses last year, and they were very successful.

“This is our second year doing this and last year we sold over 800 [roses]. This year, we’ve ordered about the same amount and today we’ve sold quite a few. Hopefully, we’ll have the same results as last year,” Miotke said.

Roses that were sold could have been sent to anyone in the school, and they could have even been sent anonymously.

“People can buy them anonymously and send them to either a valentine, a friend, a teacher or anyone really, and all the money is going to Autism awareness research,” Miotke said.