A science sandwich


Samantha Gonzales (9) presents her board which covers the topic of food allergies. Honors Biology has been doing this project for several years.

Michelle Testa, Author

On Wednesday, Feb. 28, Mrs. Katelin Ellis’, Science, Honors Biology class presented sandwich boards about evolution.

The students worked on their posters in pairs, and then individually presented them to another student in the class. After four presentations, the partners would switch and the other student would present while the other would go and listen to their peer’s presentations.  

“The project is called evolution sandwich board so the idea is right now we are learning about the topic of evolution, what it is, what are all the different views, whats the history on it. This can be kind of touchy, sensitive. It can be argumentative for some because evolution goes into the idea creationism all the way to evolutionism, so a big spectrum,” Mrs. Ellis said.

The students have been working on their posters and researching for several weeks. There was a lot of creativity and hard work put in to these posters. The students also learned time management, presentation skills and how to work cohesively as partners while working on this project.

“We take it on as a project so that way students can learn how evolution is not just an idea of where did humans come from but, its in a lot of topics. Topics like abortion, and GMOs, and on top of human evolution, invasive species, there’s a lot [other things] tying into it, so it expands their learning. It gives them an opportunity to do some research, and work on presentation skills,” Ellis said.