Talent for St. Baldricks


Joseph Jakubowicz (12), Ian Blaze (12), Dylan Foster (12) and Michael Harmon (12) performed their act called “Dancing Through the Ages.” The boys had a lot of fans after their performance, but did not win the talent show.

Meghan DeChene

On Friday, March 9, the St. Baldrick’s committee held a talent show in the LGI room.  The talent show raised a total of $417.

Next year, the committee would like to hold another talent show and raise even more than this year.

“I hope that we are able to hold a talent show. I hope that next year we are able to use the facilities of the auditorium because I think that would help some of the technical difficulties. We would also have a lot more people able to attend the event,” Mrs. Angela Ohlenkamp, Mathematics, said.

Out of 19 great acts, Haley Turek (10) won. Turek played Lindsey Stirling’s “Phantom of the Opera medley” on the violin.

“It feels great, that just knowing all the talents were so good tonight, it is really an honor to be picked”.

Turek has been playing since she was young. She loves to play because it brings joy to people when she does.

“I think I [perform] because I want to show people what I can do and prove to myself what I can do and bring joy to other people. I’m in the Northwest Indiana Youth Symphony Orchestra and I perform with them a lot and it’s really nice knowing we bring joy”.

The talent show had a big outcome and hopefully a bigger one next year.