S’more labs in the making


Allen Kostecki (10) smiles after lighting the bunsen burner. Kostecki was then able to roast marshmallows for his lab.

Anni Rajput, Author

Mrs. Katelin Ellis’, Science, Chemistry Honors classes conducted an interactive lab involving marshmallows on Friday, March 9.

“The [lab’s objective was to] summarize the end of our unit, so practice on how to figure out chemical formulas, the percent in a compound and conversions. It took everything and applied it to a real situation,” Mrs. Ellis said.

After students figured out the correct information for the lab, they were able to make marshmallows over the bunsen burners.

“I thought [the lab] was really fun. I thought that it made the work a lot more worthwhile because we got a reward at the end. I think [the lab] really put into perspective the information that we’ve been learning in class, and it helped me think about it in a new way,” Sarah Dunn (10) said.

Labs are often done after lectures and notes in class to reinforce the concepts and objective covered.

“I think [labs] give [students] critical thinking skills in terms of having to follow step-by-step [instructions] or having to write their own steps. Lectures don’t really make them think. It is more of listening, and then the homework makes them practice. The labs really test if they know what is going on and if they can put it to a real situation,” Mrs. Ellis said.

To continue practicing the lessons taught in class, there will be more labs in the future.

“Before spring break, we will be doing a gas lab. [The students] will be using syringes and balloons to see how gases can change the sizes. I will be doing a big demonstration using liquid nitrogen. After spring break, they will be asked to make a solution, which will be harder,” Ellis said.