Q&A: Caroline Chavez (12)


Caroline Chavez (12) holds a first place ribbon received at the Lowell Invitational. The Fine Arts team studied music and art from World War I.

Ayah Eid

Q:How long ago did you join academic Super Bowl.

A:[I joined Academic Super Bowl] two years ago, in my Sophomore year.


Q:What did you join?

A:I’m on the fine arts team.


Q:Can you describe your first year?

A:[It was] a little bit hectic, I was captain and the team and we do not really have older students.


Q:What did you have to learn?

A:I had to learn when to trust my gut or trust my teammates.


Q:Have you learned anything from this?

A:I’ve learned leadership skills.


Q:Has having to look at art given you a deeper appreciation for art?

A:You get an in depth look at an artist’s motivation instead of just seeing pretty pictures.


Q:Have you taken the elements that you’ve learned and applied it to your own art?

A: So far there hasn’t been a style of art that has really captured me.


Q:How has this helped you in other aspects of your life?

A: I think [Academic Super Bowl] has helped me learn time management because you’re essentially taking on another subject to study outside of school.


Q:How did you become captain?

A:I became captain mostly because there was no one with previous experience my first year and I’ve never been shy so I agreed to do it.


Q:How is it different now that you are captain?

A:Being captain is something that can change with every meet depending on what we want to try out, in our upcoming meet Nazneen rana will be captain.


Q:How did you study for these events?

A:We tend to study sometimes as a group but mostly on our own since that material is all online.


Q:What is your team dynamic like?

A:I say we have a pretty strong team this year, we all know each other well, we know whose responsible and we know what subjects the others know best.