Review on “A Quiet Place”


A Quiet Place” was released on April 6. The box office has made $92.7 million so far.

Hailey Strug

“A Quiet Place” is not your average “scary movie.” It features John Krasinski, as most people know as Jim from “ The Office.” The movie involves a family trying to survive in a abandoned town where creatures prey on sound they here. This creates a challenge for the family as they have to be as quiet as possible with having kids, which can be difficult.

The movie starts out with the family gathering things they need to survive at an abandoned store. One of the children finds a rocket and almost turns it on where it would make sound. Before he is able to turn it on, the father rushes to take the batteries out. The curious child later takes the batteries as they begin to head home. On the way home, the boy puts the batteries back into the rocket and it turns on and starts making noise. The family starts freaking out, running to chase him and save him. The father runs as fast as he can but does not make it in time before a creature snaps the boy in an instant.

The movie then shifts to about a year later. The family continues to try to survive and be as silent as possible. The mother is pregnant with a child about to give birth, so the family is preparing for the arrival of the baby. Their oldest child is deaf and she struggles the most as she cannot hear if there is a creature coming or not. Her father tries to make her hearing aids or something that can help her hear at least something. Little does the family know the hearing aid that he made is a way to fend off the creatures. They can not take the noise of the pitches from the hearing aid. The end of the movie involves them finding this out and defeating the creatures off.

“A Quiet Place” is not the scariest movie I have ever seen, and I do think it has sort of a slow start as the ending is definitely the most suspenseful part. The movie is actually kind of a tear jerker as some of the family members die and it is very emotional for the family. I do recommend the movie as it is different from any other scary movie and has a great plot.