Q&A: Matthew Hernandez (12)


Matthew Hernandez (12) works at the Lake County Public Library. He has worked there for around a year.

Kelsey Lavin

Q: Where do you work?

A: [I work at the] Lake County Public Library.


Q: What’s your job like?

A: It’s very boring. There really isn’t a lot for me to do.


Q: Do you like your job?

A: It’s alright because I like my coworkers there.  


Q: Speaking of your coworkers, what are they like?

A: [They are] friendly people, that I can joke with. [They are] about my age.


Q: Does anyone from LC work with you?

A: I think so. She works in the children’s department though so I don’t really get the chance to work with her.  


Q: How hard is it to balance your school work with your job?  

A:  Somedays it’s pretty hard because [with my job] you don’t get home until nine and you only have a couple hours of freetime.


Q: Do you have any advice for students who want jobs?

A: Look professional and look confident during your interview.