Fast Car Lockout Tips For Student Drivers


So you’ve been dreaming about having your own car for a while now. You’ve just gotten your driver’s license, and you feel confident enough to start driving on your own. Your parents have agreed to give you the old family car, or you feel ready to take out a loan and get your own vehicle. You know, adult stuff. Speaking of, as exciting as it may be to start driving to college and parties without having to ask our friends to car pool with you, you will need to act more adult than you might think. Namely, the responsibilities of driving a car while in college should not only limit to not drinking and driving, or following all driving rules. You will also need to worry about not having someone steal or break into your beloved car and take off with your laptop, books, clothes, and other items you might leave hanging on the backseat, every now and then. Or locking yourself out of your car.

cheal car lockout serviceThe Statistics Speak For Themselves

According to data from the American Automobile Association, there are more than 4,000,000 drivers who accidentally locked themselves out of their vehicles on a yearly basis. The main culprits appear to be keyless ignitions on cars, and the ever-changing electronic anti-theft systems.

Going shopping, especially during a busy time of the year such as the holidays, or being in a hurry to get to a cool party are reasons why you could lock the keys in the ignition. And you wouldn’t even realize until later on on the evening, when you would be ready to go back to your dorm or rental apartment.

How To Get Out Of A Car Lockout Pickle?

  • If you feel you are under threat of being physically assaulted or mugged while outside your locked vehicle, call 911. Do it if you believe you are in any other type of danger. You will not only feel entirely safe while waiting for an emergency cheap car lockout service technician to arrive, but you might even be lucky enough to have your car unlocked by a police officer.

  • The police can unlock simple car door locks in most cases. Provided they do not have the right tools for it, or they cannot assist you with this particular needs, they can at least call a tow truck services for you.

  • It might be helpful to carry a minimal set of lock picking tools inside your car at all times – even though you may not be able to access it once the car will remain fully locked. If your trunk’s lock works independently from the rest of the locks on your vehicle, you should take advantage and place a clothes hanger or a tension wrench inside the trunk. Learn how to use the, to pick the locks on your car.

  • If you are driving a late model car with sophisticated locks, you may need to call roadside assistance or an emergency locksmith in the area. If you car is still in the basic warranty period, you have every chance of being able to use roadside assistance.

  • If you are stuck on a major highway, look for trucks offering emergency aid.

  • Make sure all doors are locked and that you are not able to access the inside of your car using the trunk before calling an emergency automotive locksmith service. The stress and anxiety triggered by the mere thought of a lockout could do a number on you, so be 100% sure you are actually locked out.