Applying to college


Many high school students are currently applying to colleges. Applications opened on Aug. 1.

Bianca Matchain

With college applications becoming available to seniors worldwide, many are left in the dark about information they should know by now. The process may seem daunting, but everyone must remember one thing: it will work out.  

There are some steps to take for those applying to colleges to know.

Make a Common or Coalition Application account. With this, you are able to apply to many schools through one application. It saves time and stress. There are some schools that do not accept the Common or Coalition Applications, however, in that case you will have to apply to those schools directly. Luckily, most colleges accept these two applications.

Stay organized. If you keep track of everything you have done, the application process will be much easier.

Keep an eye out for scholarships. There are so many scholarships that the average applicant does not know about, so if you look for these and find your match, you may be in luck.

Remember to ask questions. It is almost certain that you will have questions, and if you do, ask those questions. Whether you may ask a counselor, teacher, parent or a student who is currently in college, you will for sure find the answers that you need.

These tips will certainly be helpful journey to applying for college.