Honoring our veterans


Mr. Patrick O’Donnel gives his speech as keynote speaker. O’Donnel was a member of the army.

Danica Mileusnic

Honoring the 100th anniversary of the end of World War I, the school celebrated Veteran’s Day with their annual ceremony. This year’s ceremony on Thursday, Nov. 8, was held three days prior to the actual date, Nov. 11.

“I think students don’t realize how important Veteran’s Day and the freedoms that we have [are]. How much we have and how much we have to be thankful for. This ceremony really gives students a lesson to learn,” Katarina Nikolovski (11) said.

The ceremony consisted of the Veterans Entrance, Posting of the Colors, National Anthem, Principal Mr. Sean Begley’s remarks, a Bagpipe Performance and several other events.

“I am the president of history club and I was the Master of Ceremony. I was kind of the lead of today’s event as student speakers. I joined [History Club] freshman year because my sister and her friends convinced me. [They said] how great of a club it is especially with the Veteran’s Day ceremony.,” Nikolovski said.

The Orak Shriners bagpipe performance had Trent Schneider (11) and Mr. Martin Freeman, Assistant Principal, performing. Also, some students submitted why Veteran’s Day is important and Paige Covelli (11) was chosen to speak about her own submission.

“I was excited, it’s a big opportunity to speak to my whole school and the veterans. That the veterans gave so much. If you see someone in uniform or you recognize them, thank them. Really remember what they did for our country. My grandpa’s in the Marines, Lou Covelli and he kind of helped me get a good point of view on what it means,” Covelli said.