Runners Bond at Brahm’s

Emma Rogers and lakecentralnews

There are many summer sports camps that athletes can participate in to improve their skills on their own, but the cross country runners from LC are able to share this experience as a team at Brahm’s running camp.

“You just feel like you’re on a runner’s high all week. You get to challenge yourself every day, and you get to run with people from all different schools. I’ve made a lot of new friends since going,” Stephanie Smith (12) said.

The camp takes place in southern Indiana and runs from July 14-19 this year. The athletes are advised by Olympic runners, and participate in a lot of running related activities over the course of the camp, improving their skills along the way.

“I think the camp does help a lot because they have a lot of different people with different experiences that come and talk to us and tell us how to improve and what we can do to succeed,” Sarah Hudi (12) said.

Not only are the athletes given the chance to improve their running ability, but they are also able to bond as a team.

“You think after all that time together that you would drive each other crazy, but it brings the team closer together. After camp, the team gets along better and works better as a team. Running camp is a runner’s paradise,” Smith (12) said.