Shooting for a Win


Deshawn Berryhill (10) waits for ball in order to score a point against Lowell. The boys won with a score of 47-32.

Nitya Shah

On Tuesday, Jan. 15, the boys JV basketball team played against Lowell. The Indians defeated the Red Devils with a score of 47-32.

I thought our team played very well. We started out well in our zone and progressed well, containing them when they went on runs,” Graham Weber (10) said.

Beating Lowell was no surprise to the boys due to their preparation and past history with the Red Devils.

“I definitely felt we were going to win since we prepared for them the practices before. We usually do beat Lowell, so [this was] no real surprise,” Brandon Moreno (10) said.

With the triumph over Lowell, the number of victories for the boys just keeps increasing.

“With the win over Lowell, we are now on a five game win streak,” Nathan Oakley (10) said.

Although they are on a win streak, the boys always remember to stay humble, emphasizing that the proper attitude is the only way to succeed.

“I 100 percent expected us to win that game, not in a cocky way, but that’s just the mindset you have, whether your playing the Warriors or a 3rd grade team,” Weber said.

Even with this win for the team, individual players believe that there is always room for improvement, setting their bar higher and higher.

“This season, I plan to continue winning games and to help my teammates grow and gain more confidence on the floor,” Weber said.

With much of their season left, the boys keep up their optimistic psyche.

“The season has been going great recently, but we started out rough. Once the season got busy, we started playing better. Our goal is the same as always, to win Sectionals and hopefully more,” Moreno said.