Swimming Their Way to Victory


A boy on the swim team comes out of the water to take a breath. The swim team has practiced every day except for Wednesday.

Tiffanie Richerme, Copy Editor

The Boys swim team defeated Crown Point with a score of 98 – 88 on Tuesday, Jan. 15.  The team was able to pull off the win, despite having faced some difficulties this season.

“We did have a lot more swimmers coming into the season, granted, we’ve lost a couple of kids, so with those swimmers out, it’s really hard to score as many points as we would,” Jack Tinsley (12) said.

However, even if the boys were playing a tough competitor, they still managed to earn the victory.

“I would say Crown Point is definitely our number one competition this year, especially in the swim season,” Tinsley said.

The team won many events, as well as winning the overall meet.

“This meet, I beat [the swimmer in the 50 Free], so that’s pretty good,” Riley Ingram (12) said.

The swimmers are also training for sectionals so they can have a chance at winning.

“I’m not going to lie, the team has been struggling this year, but I feel like by sectionals and DAC, we will pull up.  We are cutting down on our weight, and we are eating and sleeping in more,” Ingram said.

Sectionals will be held in Feb., and the team will compete for a chance at first place.

“I believe we can be [in the] top three school [at sectionals], so maybe [we’ll do well],” Ingram said.