The Happiest Girls in the Happiest Place on Earth


The flyers smile as their stunt groups hold them up. Cheer has traveled to Disney for the past four years.

Michelle Testa

The varsity girl’s cheerleading team is heading to Orlando, FL, to compete at Nationals. The team is leaving Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019.

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, 2019, the girls practiced in front of their families and friends in the upstairs freshman center gym. They performed their entire routine as special guests watched and cheered them on. For some of the seniors. this is their fourth and final trip to Florida.

“I am excited for Nationals because this is my last competition being a cheerleader and I really just want to go out with a bang,” Mia Graziani (12) said.

Although the girls travel down to Disney to compete at the ESPN World Wide of Sports, the team does have a fun day planned. The girls will have Friday off and plan on going to one of the Disney World parks as a team before competing.

“I can’t wait to experience the parks with the team and do our best,” Graziani said.

The team has had some ups and downs this season, and due to injuries they have had to change parts of their routine right before nationals. The girls are still confident in their abilities and are going in with their heads held high.

“This team has worked really hard this week and they’ve come a long way. I’m confident that when we hit the mat on Saturday in Florida, they will be ready,” John Powers, Cheerleading Coach, said.