Valentine’s Surprise


Valentine’s Day cards await to be passed out. Cabinet members tapped stickers to the cards.

Emily Bell

On Thursday Feb. 8, students of junior class cabinet met after school and made Valentine’s Day cards for the Westlake students. The president of junior class cabinet, Aniyah Thompkins (11), wanted to do something nice during the month of February.

“We are making cards for the [Westlake students] and we are going to deliver them on Tuesday during [Pathways to Excellence],” Hannah Roth (11) said.

Club members were not making the cards only because they belong to the club, but because they wanted to do something that will mean something to other students.

“I think it is a nice thing to do and it is good to make other people feel loved on Valentine’s Day,” Savannah Yamat (11) said.

During the meeting, students were enjoying each other’s presence and having flashbacks from making cards in elementary school.

“We are doing basic arts and crafts things I learned in kindergarten. We are carving hearts out of coloring paper. We are having a fun time working together, building friendships and doing something good for the community,” Nate Grohovac (11) said.