Crushing the Competition


Peyton Pepkowski (10) lunges as she pitches the softball. The varsity softball team played against La Porte on Wednesday, May 8.

Tiffanie Richerme

On Wednesday, May 8, the varsity softball team defeated LaPorte 10-0. The players reflected on their win and how it impacted the team.

“I think this game went well because we were just coming off of two strong wins for the past two days, and we are looking on keeping it up and reaching toward our DAC championship goals. We all have those goals in mind throughout the season – this is just one step closer to getting it,” Peyton Pepkowski (10) said.

The team has had a strong season so far, with few losses. The girls consistently cheer for one another to keep their winning streak strong.

“Our attitudes show that we are prepared for any team we play, and we are always cheering. It doesn’t matter if a player is in the game or not, everyone is still on the fence cheering each other on,” Jordan August (10) said.

Although the players have had a strong season so far, they also face difficulties when opposing tough competition.

“I feel like we need to work on staying focused and playing the current game. We don’t need to worry about the next game until the last pitch of the current game [is thrown]. We just need to play our game the way we usually do – one game at a time. Crown Point is always an intense game. They are our biggest rival,” August said.

As the season nears its end, the girls continue to practice and prepare for DAC championships. The players also prepare by bonding and getting closer to one another.

“I would say a strength for our team is we all try to play together. We don’t play for ourselves. I think that really helps us with our bond and how we play together,” Pepkowski said.