Q&A: Emilee Martin (10)


Mina Cardenas

   Q: What was the first memory you have of you and your sister?

   A: “Memories from our childhood together kind of all blur and mesh together, but I remember always making videos of us singing and dancing on our iPods when we were younger.  This has to have been when we were super super young because it was literally those iPods that didn’t have a touch screen, just the spinny thing on the bottom half and a screen on the upper half.”


   Q: What school is your sister attending?

   A: “My sister is at Indiana University in Bloomington.”


   Q: What is she thinking about majoring in?

   A: “She wants to major in Neuroscience, which is the study of the brain.”


   Q: Do you plan on majoring in something similar or something completely different?

   A: “I also would probably like to major in Neuroscience/medical field. I’m currently in AP psych and I find it interesting so it may lead me to major in a field similar to neuroscience.”


   Q: What are some lessons your sister has taught you throughout your time living together?

   A: “I grew up as a very shy child where she was more outgoing so some of the most important lessons that she has taught me is how to be more confident and brave in situations. Also, she always talked about making a good image of yourself because it’ll always help you down the road.”


   Q: What is the thing you will miss most about living together?

   A: “One thing i’ll probably miss the most is just having someone easily accessible to help me with whatever I need. Whether it’s homework, driving me somewhere or helping me with drama she was always right there when she was home. Now that she is gone, it’ll be a lot harder to talk with her about things or help me out when I’m upset.”


   Q: What is the thing you will miss the least about living together?

   A: “One of the things I will definitely miss the least is our arguments and fighting. She is very opinionated and bold, so when we fight she isn’t afraid to act out on me.”


   Q: What are some things you wish you could change about having an older sister?

   A: “One thing I wish I could change about an older sister is that I wish we were more alike in body type and size so we could share clothes more easily.  Everyone always talks about how nice it is to share clothes with their sisters, but me and her can’t always exactly do that.”


   Q: What are some perks of having an older sister?

   A: “One perk of having an older sister is that she has already experienced a lot of the things that you are going through, whether it’s with relationships or school, so she was able to help a lot. Also it is nice that she could drive me places and that type of stuff.”


   Q: What are some downfalls of having an older sister ?

   A: “A downfall of having an older sister is that you bicker a lot because both of you are petty and hormonal. Also, my sister always used the “well I’m older so” excuse, which sucks.”


   Q: Finally, do you think you and your sister will be closer now that you don’t live together or do you think the distance will make you

less close?

   A: “Honestly, since she has been gone, we have talked a whole lot more than when she was home because we have to make a genuine effort to tell each other things now, where it was just like in passing that we would say things. Plus, she has a lot of interesting stuff to tell me from college so we get to talk a lot more.”