Patriotic football

Mateo Cedano (12) gets ready to throw a football to his teammates. Cedano is the quarterback for the team.

Hannah Kosinski

   On Friday, Sept. 13, the Indians took on the Crown Point Bulldogs at home. The Bulldogs defeated the Indians with a score of 10-0.

   “It was a tough battle and unfortunately we came up short. It was a little frustrating because we knew we weren’t playing to our full potential and we left some plays on the field. We have to keep our heads up and keep grinding. We have to practice hard this week and get ready for Laporte,” Mateo Cedano (12) said.

   That night’s student section theme was USA. Some students attended the game adorned in red, white and blue. Students also bring chants and signs with them to games.

   “My favorite part of the student section is [the] chanting. It helps get people hype and it makes the games fun. I think in addition to [the] chanting, the themes also help get people hyped for games. It’s a lot of fun picking out outfits for the themes. I [also] think it also helps bring the student section together,” Nicole Kenda (12) said.

   Practicing 15 hours a week, the team trains for each game, working towards winning. Most practices are based off how the team needs to grow to succeed.

   “We have to keep coming together as a family and keep coming to work and get better every week. We have stay together when times get tough. A big thing for us will be responding to adversity like a championship team and rising to the occasion,” Cedano said.