Boys Tennis Opens Season


Emma Rogers and lakecentralnews

   While many students worried about the first day of school, the Boys Tennis team also had to worry about their first match of the season.

   The boys opened their season on Aug. 15 against Munster, one of the team’s biggest rivals. Although LC was the underdog in the matchup, the team had a positive outlook.

   “I had no expectations for myself going into the match, only to play my best. As for the team, I expected everyone to [put] forth their best effort, and I believe everyone did,” Lee Sayger (12) said.

   Despite a tough loss, the team used the match as a learning experience to prepare for the remainder of the season.

   “All the matches were really good because we kept fighting back and trying to win the point. I really thought we had a chance to beat them, but we will be better and ready for next time we face them,” Brett Balicki (9) said.

   For the seniors on the team, the match started the beginning of their last season as high school tennis players.

   “It’s a little sad to think that it’s my last year playing tennis in high school, but I’m definitely looking forward to the rest of the season. I’m going to make it memorable and worthwhile,” said Peter Boyd (12).

   The team’s next match is on Aug. 22 at LC against Highland.