Holly Jolly N-Teens Party

Jackson Novak, Print Staff

   N-Teens held their first annual holiday party in Town Square on Monday, Dec. 9.  Members have been busy with planning the details for Winter Formal and welcomed a well deserved break to relieve some stress.

   “I really liked the party, it was a lot of fun. It was nice to see my friends and have a break,” Nirali Bhatt (10) said.

   It was a potluck of sweets and treats, as everyone brought something to share.  Students chatted while munching on chips, dip, veggies, cookies and cupcakes among other delicious goodies during the cheerful celebration.

   “The party was super fun with awesome treats and sweets to eat while getting to know other N-eens members better,” Noelle Quiroga (10) said.

   A unique game of bingo was played which involved each bingo square having a specific question about characteristics and traits. For example, one square asked to find somebody who was an only child. Participants had to mingle to find someone that matched that trait to fill in the square.  The winner, Clarissa Moreno (10), received a fun gift basket as a prize.

   “The bingo game was a really fun opportunity to get to know the other N-een members better, plus the gift basket was really cool,” Moreno said.

   The festivities wound down with a snowflake-making session where kids cut out snowflakes while chatting and finishing up their snacks.

   “The N-Teens party was a fun time where many members contributed food, drinks and more to make the party more enjoyable. I liked how I got to talk to more people within the club during our bingo game, and the prizes were cool as well,” Kimberly Hestermann (10) said.