What are your opinions on Christmas?

What are your opinions on Christmas?

Avery Robinson, Print Staff

   Christmas means a lot of different things to different people. Some people love the gift-giving aspect of it, while others are all for the religious aspect. 

   “I’m not the biggest fan of giving gifts. I never know what to get people. I also don’t like spending all of my hard-earned money on other people for absolutely no reason. I don’t like getting gifts either. I feel like the whole exchanging presents thing is just awkward and weird. I think people should celebrate Christmas for what it is, not for the materialistic part. I go to the church service at 11 at night. Then all day on the 25th, I spend time with my family and we even sing happy birthday to Jesus,” Jackson Garson (11) said.

   Though this holiday is not all materialistic, some see it that way. Jordan August (11) loves to give gifts.

   “My favorite part of Christmas is finding things that I know other people will love to wrap up and give to them. It makes me so happy seeing the smile on people’s faces when they open their presents. Christmas is by far the best holiday. You get to open and give gifts, spend time with your family and celebrate whatever your religion believes,” August said. 

   Not all people are able to provide presents for their families and friends. This season is all about giving back. Many people volunteer at soup kitchens and for angel trees. Whatever you love about Christmas, it is a time to be with the ones you love. After all, they do call it the most wonderful time of the year!