The Laid Back Club

Caleb Chen, Print Staff

   Every Friday after school, students gather in Mr. Thomas Clark’s room in C313 to learn about history. With the responsibility of making sure the Veterans Day assembly is a success, club members and officers spend hours during the first semester planning and setting up decorations. History club is a student-based club, giving other students the opportunity to meet new people and learn interesting facts of history every week. 

   “A positive thing that comes out of being an officer is that I feel like I get to connect with more people, I have met a lot more new people and being an officer has connected with some of the members,” Officer Gianni DiTola (11) said. 

   Members and officers often describe this club as laid back and easy-going. Students meet after school Friday, giving a sense of relief that it is the weekend. Students usually give presentations and activities related to history every meeting. The club consisted of presentations and service projects. 

   “So my sister was the founder of the History Club with her friends. She has always told me it is laid back and it was fun. In every meeting, we usually have a presentation over stuff that happened in history,” Muna Hijaz (10) said. 

   History Club takes place once a week and is planned accordingly. A new presentation is planned every week so people who attend the club learn something new every meeting. 

   “In every meeting, we have a presentation and talk about what happened in history today. We do like a history meme of the day, history fact of the day, some people give presentations, others do service projects, or other stuff we do is we decorate the school such as Black History Month, we do things to try and help out our community” said President Mya Bell (12). 

   As the History Club quickly comes to an end, officers are graduating. History Club is desperately looking for new officers to lead the next group of history fanatics. 

   “I do wish to become president for this club and I will be next year since I will be the only officer who has not graduated already. As president, my goals are to keep things the way they are now and obviously expand on them, such as Veterans Day. I hope to also have more people come out and join because I think the club is really a good way to meet new people. It is laid back, it’s on Friday, and a lot of people seem to enjoy it,” Gianni DiTola said.