DFS Holds First Meeting

Dollars For Scholars is a club made for kids looking for tuition and scholarships, and Amy Bogenrief, the President of DFS, has been involved with the club for two years.

“It’s a very worthwhile organization that has been around for a long time. It helps students prepare for the future,” Bogenrief said.

Many of the students involved feel that it’s a good opportunity.

“I like helping people, I was in the best friends club, and I’m into things that help. I hope to learn about how hard it is to take things as gifts received,” Kyleigh McCoy (10) said. ”

In DFS, students help out the community, and, in return, may be rewarded with tuition and scholarships.

“I’m hoping to get out of the country [for college]. I want to go to a school in Greece,” McCoy (10) said.

The point value for each activity students participate in comes out and scholarships are awarded. The next student meeting DFS will be on Sept. 12.