Review: Outer Banks


Outer Banks is a teen show about a group of friends on a treasure hunt. Throughout the show, they realize that it’s more than a treasure hunt and the stakes get even higher than before.

Cori Lollis, Print Staff

One of Netflix’s newest shows, Outer Banks has quickly climbed to the top of the trending charts. After airing on April 15, 2020, the show has reached number one on Netflix’s top ten trending chart. 

Set in North Carolina’s Outer Banks, a group of friends goes on a treasure hunt to find $400 million in gold that allegedly sunk in a ship called the Royal Merchant. After discovering a message from his missing father, John B, the main character, rallies the Pogues, his group of friends who are working-class members of the island, to help him find the gold. 

Along the way, the Pogues encounter several difficulties involving the Kooks, wealthy, upper-class members of the island. When John B decides to enlist Sarah, a Kook, his friendships are tested as they question his loyalty to the Pogues. As the show progresses, many love triangles and alliances are formed between the groups. 

Outer Banks discusses several topics such as teenage romance, abuse, and drugs.  Sarah is trying to navigate her relationships and how far she is willing to go in them. JJ, one of John B’s best friends, is dealing with abuse in his home. Rafe, Sarah’s older brother, is dealing with addiction while he is trying to seek praise from his father. 

Personally, I binge watched the series in one day. I started watching and couldn’t stop, especially during the last few episodes where things really start to pick up. When the stakes get even higher. The ending of the episodes leave you on the edge of your seat. If you haven’t already seen Outer Banks, I would recommend watching it.