Best Buddies Holds First Meeting


Ready for a new year, the students gather together in the LGI for their first Best Buddies meeting of 2012. They listened to the leaders discuss the information and criteria for the upcoming, fun parties and activities.

Jessica Enriquez and lakecentralnews

Best Buddies, a club for establishing friendships, held their first meeting of the year after school on Wednesday, Sept. 12 in the LGI.

New and returning members united in the room to discuss and hand out information about the second year of exciting events in the Best Buddies club.

“I’m excited on meeting new people, I know most of them but not all. It’s also something to do and I like helping out.” Barbara Clarke (12) said.

Throughout the year the students participate in parties, activities, and also spend time with their buddy twice a month.

Furthermore, this club is not just at our high school, it has grown to be world wide.

It is a non-profit international organization that was founded in 1989 by Anthony K. Shriver to join students with and without disabilities to bond and make a friendship.

The main theme of Best Buddies is the “Inclusion Revolution”, which is getting people to be involved to spread the word of acceptance.

The students are excited to begin on all of their fun activities, starting with interviews to match buddies. This will be held after school on Sept. 21 in E102.