French Students Gather for First Club Meeting

Hannah Reed and Hannah Reed

French club started off their year with big plans, such as going to Chicago together. Ms. Rachel M. Thomas, World Language, spoke about the plans for this year’s French club.

“The main goal of the club is to, obviously, promote French. It’s also to expand knowledge of France and French culture beyond the classroom,” Thomas said.

The students in French club were all eager to start learning more about French.

“I am French, and I thought if my relatives could do it, why can’t I?” Daniel Revoir (10) said.

French is one of the three languages LC offers its students.

“[French] is beautiful, it’s much better than English.” Revoir said.

Being across the globe, the culture of France is much different from that of the United States.

“People generally speak very softly [in France],” Thomas said.

Some of the people in French club are beginners, however there were many returning members.

“I was in [French club] last year, and I thought it’d be pretty cool. It looks good on college applications too, so that’s a plus,” Revoir said.

Meetings are held once a month and the year’s schedule is on Ms. Thomas’s website.