GoGuardian Opinion: Helpful, but too technical?


GoGuardian is a technology company that produces educational software. The company has many different programs for class management, filtering and monitoring and mental health.

Elizabeth Sulek, Design Editor

GoGuardian is an educational technology company that develops various products for monitoring students’ computer activity in the classroom. Recently, our school has slowly been rolling out this program in some classes. I have not had the chance to familiarize myself with the program just yet, but based on what I know about the software, I have some concerns.

The company offers many different products, but the one targeted specifically for schools is called “Teacher” and deals with classroom management. Some of the features within this program include: off-task alerts, screen view, restrict browsing, close tabs and many others. 

One of my biggest questions is whether or not students will have to use their school issued Chromebooks. As a student who uses their own laptop from home, I would not be very happy if I was forced to use a Chromebook. Personally, I like using my own device because it is less of a hassle. For example, my laptop can run Adobe software programs like Photoshop and InDesign which a Chromebook would not be able to. I use these programs almost on a daily basis and would like to have them accessible to me during my study hall and PtE. Additionally, carrying two devices to school would be unreasonable and not worth it at that point.

Another concern of mine is how teachers would manage being able to see a live view of what their students are seeing and being able to control some aspects of their students’ computers. I believe that some teachers would get caught up in having this power and would spend more time than necessary trying to catch students doing what they are not supposed to be doing. Unfortunately, this may be an additional distraction for teachers that takes even more time away from them teaching or making lesson plans.

Regardless of these concerns, I think the concept of this software could be a beneficial one. This product could help to keep students on track in the classroom and at home during school hours. Personally, I just hope that teachers don’t get caught up in the program and students will be allowed to use their own devices.