You lose some, you win some

Sasha Gerike, Print staff

  Lake Central’s Freshman girls basketball team faced Crown Point High School’s Bulldogs at home on Thursday, Nov. 19. Unfortunately, the “A” team lost with a score of 19-28. The “B” team lost as well, with a score of 15-29. This game did not go as planned as a team, however some players had a good game individually.

   “That game for me personally was one of my better games, considering I played well defensively and offensively, but as a team it wasn’t our best game we’ve played,” Francesca DeLuca (9) said.

   Throughout the “A” and “B” game the girls had some communication issues but overall  feel they have a really strong bond as a team.

   “As a team we have to learn to talk to each other more on the court and be aware of our surroundings. This season is going pretty good, the chemistry is amazing with everyone,” Jolie Adams (9) said.

   So far, the team is standing at 3-2. They did not meet their goal of going undefeated, but plan on being undefeated in conference.

   “As of today we are 3-2; our goal is to go undefeated in our conference,” Charlize Bais (9) says.

   The team, as well as the rest of the world, has had to adjust due to COVID-19.

   “COVID-19 affects the team greatly because we can’t practice with JV or Varsity anymore, and we haven’t been able to do weights for a while because a lot of the girls got quarantined from a girl in weights,” Emma Bower (9) said.

   The players are taking the virus into account and taking precautions by always wearing masks in school, on the sidelines and during warm ups.

   “We always wear a mask in the school and while we are warming up before games,” Bower said.