LC Exchanges Hallways for Waterways


Jacob Graziani (10) paints a shark on a banner to hang on the hallway wall. The Sophomores went with a “Jaws” theme as a twist on the Homecoming theme “Under the Sea.”

Marlo Owczarzak and lakecentralnews

Instead of walking from class to class this week, students may have to swim.

On Sunday, Sept. 23, the class cabinets from each grade level decorated their designated hallways to match the 2012 Homecoming theme of “Under the Sea.”

“We’ve been putting up seaweed, and we painted the banners during SPT and after school all last week,” Sean Meyer (9) said.

The classes have taken the theme and made it more specific. For example, the Sophomores went with “Jaws” and the Seniors paid tribute to “Finding Nemo”.

“The junior class went with a beach theme. We have hung nets, the banner, and we are hanging flip-flops. [Decorating] is fun and everyone is all lively,” Jessica Coniglio (11) said.

The hallways will be judged this week, and the students are already predicting the winner.

“Seniors [will win] because we came here early [to decorate] and you can’t hate Nemo!” Paul Lai (12) said.