Spring concert in the books

Alyssa Klimowski, Team Leader

 This year, choir is making many changes due to COVID-19. They have had to make due with wearing masks, the loss of risers to stand on and concerts are now spanned over two days.

   “I think the concert went pretty well. It is nice to get a bit of normalcy during the pandemic, and I’m glad we’re allowed to have concerts,” Elouise Planert (10) said.

   While Planert liked the normalcy brought with the concert, other students were unsure whether or not to be prepared for one. Hope McKinney (12) believes that this was the concert they were most prepared for.

   “We had sound issues the first two concerts, especially with the balance between the piano, percussion and choirs, but we were able to pretty much fix that problem. And the first two concerts felt rushed, especially because we were all unsure whether we should truly expect a concert this year, but we were more prepared for this past concert,” McKinney said.

   With new rules surrounding the pandemic, each student was limited to four immediate family members at the concert. This was different from previous years where anybody could come to the concert.

   “Over this past year, choir has been a lot different since we have to wear masks at all times as well as stay socially distanced. These precautions make me feel a bit disconnected from everyone else in the choir, but the sacrifices are worth keeping everyone safe,” Planert said.

   With only one more concert in the year, Grace Glasgow (12) believes that the choir has been doing great with all the changes. The choir only has one more concert this year in May.

   “I think all of our performances have been great so far and we have done a pretty good job dealing with the masks and stuff, the only issue is the masks and [not] being able to hear very well since we’re spaced out,” Glasgow said.