Vacation Situation


People stand in line at the Dyer summer fest for food. They were served nachos, popcorn and hotdogs.

Rachel Narjes, Print Staff

   This summer, students are excited to finally participate in the plans they could not participate in last summer. As the weather continues to get warmer, these students are rushing to get their summer to-do lists together. From traveling, staying home, working, volunteering and more, students will participate in a variety of activities. Once summer arrives, some students plan to travel.

   “I plan on going to New York to see family I haven’t seen since before the pandemic,” David Vasquez (11) said.

   Rather than traveling, some students would rather remain in the comforts of their home. While home, these students may spend time with their friends or family.

  “I plan to spend every day with the people I love and have fun every day,” Kendall Narjes (11) said.

  While some wish to create new memories with loved ones, some others plan to find a source of income. Some students plan to save this income while others plan to spend or invest it.

  “I plan on starting to work in Chicago again now that school’s ending, and with that money I want to invest more into stocks,” Vasquez said.

  While some people work, others plan to participate in more recreational activities and big events.

  “I’m going to go camping and attend festivals.  I’ll probably invite some of my friends to come with me,” Vicky Torres (10) said.

   However, not all people have specific plans. Some people are going to take the summer day by day.

   “I just want to have fun every day. That’s my main plan.  I’m just lookin for some new memories to make,” Narjes said.