Getting Involved

Melyna Carter, Print Team Leader

  On Aug. 31 in main street, club members lined the walls waiting for interested students to ask them about their club. These clubs got to share insight on what goes on during their meetings. 

   “I feel like anyone that is really opened minded and interested in learning about new religions and new cultures and anyone who is a Muslim in general. [Muslim Student Association] I feel like they feel really comfortable and that they would feel like they fit into a school that is not very diverse like Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cultures and religions. It is also a good place to make jokes, learn about our culture and religion. I think it is a good place to experience that,” Naseeb Mohammed (12) said. 

   The club fair allows students of all grades, get a sense of how the clubs are and the things that they do. The clubs allow students to be more involved and meet new people.

   “In the GSA [Gay Straight Alliance] we discuss topics relating to the lgbtq+ community whether it be through games such as kahoot, presentations, or just open discussion. The members have the options of what they would like the next meeting to be more focused on, allowing it to be a safe and relaxing spot for lgbtq+ youth and allies,” Robin Uptain (10) said. 

   Some clubs are newer to the school and want to expand their members. Clubs also want to teach students more about the clubs.

   “I was interested in joining the Student Council. I was interested in joining because I thought it would look good on a college resume. I thought what if I start doing it every year and that it would look really good on a college resume. I really wanted to help do community service and volunteering around the school,” Micah Jennette (9) said.