Defending Territory

Niko Kranjisnik, Print Staff

David Reed (10), cuts a defender and passes for a great opportunity for the team. The opportunity was missed but the boys played on with this same aggressiveness throughout the game.
David Reed (10) running to win the ball from a cross coming into the goalie box. The goalie controlled the ball but the play gave the team more confidence to play on.
Marcos Rivera (11), finding an open guy and giving a great pass. The boys kept on pushing from this point.
Nikola Bastaic (9) runs into the goalie box for a chance the boys almost got their first goal with. This pushed the boys to get their first goal moments later.
Nikola Bastaic (9) Cuts a defender and runs upfield for a cross that leads into an opportunity. The shot was nearly a goal but missed wide.

   The boys JV soccer team had a hard fought game against Munster High School on Monday.  The game was even throughout the first half going scoreless with tough defense being played by both teams before scoring two quick goals to seal the game away.

   “I just got done telling them, great teams find a way to win even when they’re bad, and we were bad today.  I think the other team showed a little more ambition for the game, I thought that they pressed a little bit higher, a little bit faster at times.  I thought that our soccer and our tactical abilities started showing through and we won in the end.  But it was a game that I really wasn’t proud of, I thought that our effort could have been better.” Coach Jeremy Rainwater, Career Technology Education, said.

   In the middle of the second half, our team scored the first goal of the game that gave the boys the lead in the second half.  The team had a rough game offensively and that first goal quickly led the boys to their second goal.

   “You really see them play with confidence after that first goal, they looked more like themselves after they found the first one.  I think that they’re a young team, and as the game went deeper and deeper they started to panic a little bit,” Rainwater said. 

   With this game the team has a new found confidence and stacked training schedule.  With a long season ahead of them, Coach is ready to push the team hard through the season.

   “Our early schedule is really hectic, we play a lot of games, a lot of matches in a row.  It’s been game, game, game, game, game, and then a recovery day and then another game” Rainwater said.

   With the long season ahead of them, the team will have a lot of training and games.