The Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated

Natalie Genovese, Social Media Editor in Chief

This school year, Lake Central is requiring masks to be worn during the school day. However, some students and faculty members are vaccinated and wearing masks offers them and others extra protection against COVID-19. The student body is mixed with vaccinated and unvaccinated students. Some are for the vaccine, others are not and some share mixed feelings toward it.

   “I wanted the vaccine because I feel like it shows my support in ending COVID-19 and allows me to have more freedom in social situations,” Lexi Crenshaw (11) said. 

   Crenshaw received both doses of the Pfizer vaccine and is fully vaccinated.  With some of the student body, as well as teachers, being vaccinated, other students have future plans to receive the vaccine to benefit and protect themselves and others in the outbreak of COVID-19.

   “I personally did not feel the need to get the vaccine but with traveling over the summer it was either recommended or required to travel outside of the country,” Sara Ruzycki (11) said. 

   She also received the Pfizer vaccine and is fully vaccinated.Out of the student body, the most popular vaccine received was Pfizer, as many students responded with receiving that one out of the other two available. 

   “I was scared to get it back then since it was so new, but now I’m planning on getting it because it’s been FDA approved,” Shahed Taharwah (11) said.

   Others, however, don’t want to take the risk of getting the vaccination or they simply don’t trust the vaccines that well.

   “I’m not getting it because what is the point? You can still get COVID and spread it. I just don’t see it to be worth it at all,” Ryan Graziano (11) said.


   Picture Caption: All students wear masks during their school days. Many students and faculty have received their COVID-19 vaccination.