LCEC May Be Discontinued

Alex Miskus and lakecentralnews

The fate of the Lake Central Environmental Club hangs in the threads of the turnout for the final call-out meeting next Thursday, Oct. 11.

Mrs. Jackie Ruiz, Science, is the club sponsor and is worried the club will be disbanded due to the lack of students joining.

“We lost most of our members last year, because they were seniors. We need a new group of students to fill that void,” Ruiz said.

In order to be recognized as a club, a group has to have at least eight members. So far, only three students have committed to LCEC.

“We clean the pond [and] highway, we have discussions about environmental topics, we work with other school groups on projects, and we create a t-shirt to celebrate Earth Day every year,” Ruiz said.

The club is open to any student who is interested in the environment and comes with fresh environmental friendly ideas.

“The final call out meeting is next Thursday Oct. 11th in room 9218 after school, $5 dues to join and all members will sign a club contract,” Ruiz said.