Becoming a Harvey Girl


Alyssa Graziani (11) Caroline Janiga (11) and Lauren Basting (11) review their scripts during a Thursday night practice. The show premieres November 2.

Alayna Wallace and Alayna Wallace

The Lake Central Theater Company is getting into character for the fast-approaching, opening night of The Harvey Girls.

“My part of Effie is really peppy, upbeat, girly and sarcastic, which I can relate to,” Alyssa Graziani (11) said.

Effie is the lead of the show and is accompanied by the sassy personality of Whistle, one of the restaurant employees.

“Whistle is very laid back and likes [to] watch people do whatever and make fun of other people. I have a more laid back attitude like [Whistle] does,” Caroline Janiga (11) said.

Involved since sixth grade, Janiga loves to act.

“This is my 10th show at Lake Central, and I really love being able to play a character different from myself and meet a lot of new people and friends,” Janiga said.

The cast has a few techniques to get rid of opening night jitters.

“I like to jump around and scream. I like to get my energy up before a show,” Graziani said.

Graziani, a performer at heart, gives future thespians some advice.

“Go for it. You won’t regret it,” Graziani said.

The Harvey Girls opening night is November 2.

“The best part of acting to me is to be able to entertain an audience and knowing that they’ve come to see all of our really hard work pay off. It makes it all really rewarding,” Janiga said.