Dollars for Scholars Sells Donuts


Members of Dollars for Scholars sell a donut to Nicholas Brooker (12). The money they raised goes towards their scholarships.

Hannah Sonner and Hannah Sonner

Last week, Dollars for Scholars sold donuts and muffins for one dollar to the hungry students of LC.

“[Dollars for Scholars] is a club where you volunteer places and your senior year you can get a scholarship for college depending on how much volunteering you do,” Emily Birlson (10) said.

Selling breakfast to students has become an annual tradition for Dollars for Scholars. The money they raise goes towards their scholarships that they will get at the end of their senior year.

“It’s a good way to help out in your community and also get a scholarship,” Birlson said.

Sarah Geisheimer (12) said her station sold out every day this week except Monday. The majority of the stations sold all of their inventory every day of the week.

Dollars for Scholars will have a spaghetti dinner on Dec.15 to raise more money for scholarships.