Mitski’s New Song “Working for the Knife”


Fariha Khaja, Comet Editor-in-Chief

Mitski, an all time favorite artist for Generation Z, is back with another song. Mitski has been on a break for awhile, focusing on personal issues to take care of. Even with this break, she promised her fans that she will not be quitting and would be coming back soon. “Working for the Knife” is produced by Mitski herself and talks about how she wishes she could do things like in movies, but can’t because she’s working for the knife. The “knife” that is repeated throughout her song symbolizes the sacrifices she makes in her career.

One of the scenes in the song was Mitski licking a pole and some fans were sexualizing her, which drives her point that some people don’t really care about her. Overall, the music video might seem a bit odd at first, but then you start realizing that there is more meaning behind the actual lyrics and dances. I feel like the topics she brought up, for example: oversexualizing girls and being ignored, really just gives her fans a reality check that she wants to be respected like any other person. I would give the song a 8/10, I really like how her songs are always so flowy and are very calming.