Counterpoints Put On Finishing Touches

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

This Sunday, Oct. 14, marks the first choir concert for the year.

“I’m honored to be in Counterpoints. [Counterpoints] is the top show choir,” Lauren Bourget (11) said.

Bourget moved up from the all girl ensemble,Treblaires,which she particpated in last year, to be a part of the mixed ensemble, Counterpoints.

“I’m excited [for this upcoming concert], because Counterpoints worked hard on the music. We had a rough start, but we’re ready for the concert,” Bourget said.

Kevin Kuhn (12), a previous member of Decapo—the boys ensemble, is also a first-year member of Counterpoints.

“Counterpoints is stressful, but it feels fantastic looking back on a good performance. I do feel we’re ready [for the concert]. Even though we struggled early on with attendance, we were able to overcome that and become stronger as a group,” Kuhn said.