Offensive Excellence

Niko Kranjisnik, Print Staff


   The girls junior Varsity basketball team took a big win against Merrillville on Friday Dec. 3, with the final score of 47-24.  This improves their record to an impressive 9-0.

   “The big first half contributed because it got us more hyped for the game.  It gave us more momentum on making our shots,”  Bella Pulido (10) said.

   Offense wasn’t the only thing the team executed on well.  The girls kept hard pressure on defense all game, getting many steals, and forcing even more turnovers. They turned these turnovers into fast breaks which piled up points for the girls. Communication was another way the girls could convert hard defense into more and more points.

   “It helped us on defense so we knew who we had so we wouldn’t let anyone score, fast breaks were very important because it got us a lot of our points,”  Pulido said.

   Keeping pressure on defense throughout the game is a key way the girls kept the lead so big throughout the game. With a huge first half, the ladies had a lot of momentum and confidence to carry that into the second half, which went the same as the first half.

   “The defense helped us a lot in the first half because it led them to not scoring a lot in the second half. The threes made us more hyped to shoot and make it, it gave us more momentum on making our shots,” Pulido said.

   Even with all the success the girls have had, the team is still getting better everyday. Improving on things that went wrong during the game is a way the ladies are getting better and getting ready for future games.

   “The leading factor was executing our plays better than our last game. Some things I would’ve changed was making all of our layups cause we missed a lot,” Pulido said.