A Steaming Bowl of Ramencon


Nicole Kekelik (11), Riana Revis (11), and Katie Dietrich (11) try to hold still as they wait to meet voice actor Todd Haberkorn. Todd Haberkorn has voiced countless characters in anime, video games, and more.

Brittany Rabatine and lakecentralnews

For three days straight, anime fans and gamers reveled in their crafts and fandoms.

Various vendors, demonstrators, and voice actors arrive to entertain the masses of enthusiasts.

Voice actor Todd Haberkorn held a Q&A seminar where fans could ask him almost anything, and that is exactly what they did.

“If I could marry one of the characters I voice, well I’m not sure. I would have to choose Allen Walker because I know he would take care of me,” Haberkorn said.

Haberkorn also entertained fans by telling stories about his travels and career.

“I auditioned for Spiderman four times. Sometimes you try out for stuff and sometimes you get it, sometimes you don’t,” Haberkorn said.

Ramencon is fun for people of all ages. Anyone can dress up and have a good time.

“It’s pretty awesome not only for people into anime, but for gamers too. And you could tell how much effort people put into their costumes,” said Anias Reed (12).