Spell Bowl Prepares for Upcoming Competition

Sam Dow and lakecentralnews

This year Spell Bowl came together with new and old faces. They are now preparing for their competition which will be held Oct. 15th at Gavit High School in Hammond.

“We have been practicing since the beginning of the school year,” Mr. Jack Moorhouse, English said.

As their competition approaches, they spend time practicing spelling words on paper and through competitive games of hangman.

“There is a list of [over 2000] words that is published at the end of the previous school year. The students look over the words during the summer. In practice, we have individual competitions and/or team competitions,” Moorhouse said.

Even though this group is a mix students from all different grade levels, Mr. Moorhouse still has high expectations for them.

“We have a good group of veterans and beginners. I expect to improve upon the red ribbon finish we have had the last two years,” Moorhouse said.