Choir and Bells Perform First Fall Concert


Sarah Ashcraft (12) dances to Bells II playing the Phantom of the Opera Medley. Bells II performed their fall concert on Oct. 14 in the Lake Central auditorium.

Breanna Keltgen and lakecentralnews

On Oct. 14, the Lake Central choirs and bell choirs performed the first concert of the year in the Lake Central auditorium.

“I’m in Bells I, Concert Choir, and Counterpoints. I felt the concert went really well overall. Everyone pulled together in the end,” Lauren Myers (11) said.

The students have been preparing for this concert since the beginning of school.

“Counterpoints practiced an hour and a half for two months after school every Monday and Friday. All in-class choirs, such as Bells and Concert Choir, practice for an hour and a half class period every other day since the beginning of the year,” Myers said.

Many students felt nervous before they went on stage to perform.

“I was nervous because it was the first choir concert I have ever done. I have been on stage many times for theater, but this was the first time singing by myself.” Alex Tinklenberg (12) said.

Some students felt as if the nerves had affected their performance.

“All the mistakes we made were because of nerves. We all had first-concert jitters,” Myers said.

Not many people know what goes on behind the stage. Many students are in multiple choirs and need to be ready in time for all of their performances.

“Being in multiple choirs, there is a lot of running around. It’s really hot. As soon as one group is done I have to be ready for the next group I’m in,” Myers said.

The next choir concert is Dec. 9 in the Lake Central auditorium.