Bringing in the Lunar New Year

Fariha Khaja and Lauren LaBelle

   On Feb. 1, Asian American Club hosted their yearly Lunar New Year Party for the students. The room was decorated with bunnies and Chinese red paper lanterns signifying good luck for the upcoming year. Club members brought different cultural foods to share with everybody. 

   “I didn’t bring any food but I loved everything that was brought, especially the rice and samosas,” Zaynah Khaja (10) said.

   Students at the party learn about how Lunar New Year impacts so many people across East Asia. Students also play culturally significant games to top the night.

   “I thought it was really fun how so many different people got to celebrate and learn about different cultures while enjoying food and games,” Gabriella Rodriquez (11) said. 

   Even though there was a variety of food to choose from, students made sure to try new foods that they haven’t tried before. Trying new foods that students haven’t tried before is part of the Asian American club experience. 

   “I haven’t tried samosas before, so trying that was an absolute life changer,” Kristin Branch (11) said. 

   At the end, the club president gave red envelopes to all the club members. Each envelope had a letter that said if you had won a gift card or not.

   “The red envelopes were really cute, it was my first time getting them and even though I didn’t win anything I loved how they looked,” Khaja (10) said.