LC Debate Places in Valparaiso Tournament


Chase Owczarzak (10) and Noel ? (?) discuss new rebuttals for the next round of Lincoln-Douglas debate. This debate competition at Valparaiso was the first one the team participated in this year.

Marlo Owczarzak and lakecentralnews

On Saturday, Nov. 3, the debate team traveled to Valparaiso for the first of three tournaments. The team was a mix of veterans, new debaters, categories and topics. Samantha Yadron (12) debated for the first time at this competition.

“It’s definitely a learning experience. I’m glad we have four debates, because we’re able to learn from each one. We grow in just one day and we become better debaters,” Yadron said.

Yadron competed in the Lincoln-Douglas category, in the Novice division, while Lance Pisowicz (11) debated in Lincoln-Douglas Varsity. This is Pisowicz’s third year debating, but he still learns from each debate.

“[For the next competition], I’m definitely going to be presenting more examples for my points,” Lance Pisowicz (11) said.

Pisowicz won second place in Varsity Lincoln-Douglas, Yadron won fourth place in Novice Lincoln-Douglas, and Chase Owczarzak (10) won sixth in Novice Lincoln-Douglas. The team will continue to practice this week to prepare for their next debate tournament this Saturday, Nov. 10, at Munster High School.