Counterpoints Prepare for Upcoming Concert


The Counterpoints rehearse“Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” at practice. The club, who just finished a Veteran’s Day concert, has another concert on Sunday, December 9.

Jimmy Lafakis and Jimmy Lafakis

With the final tone of a high E flat, the Counterpoints wrapped up another session of practice on the afternoon of Nov. 12.

“We just finished our touching Veteran’s Day program on Sunday night and are now getting ready for our next concert on December 9,” Alexia Dukes (12) said.

The Counterpoints consists of a group of dedicated individuals who are serious about putting on a show.

“Once I made concert choir as a freshman, I became determined to be able to sing for Counterpoints,” Dukes said.

The group has members who sing varying musical tones ranging from basses to tenors.

“The best part about [Counterpoints] is the variety of the songs we sing. Singing in general is fun,” Jacob Quintanilla (12) said.

Though they are diligent in their work, the crew likes to have fun.

“I’m looking forward to singing ‘Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’ because Lexi [Dukes] gets to dress up,” Quintanilla said.

The next concert will be held on Sunday, Dec. 9 in the auditorium.