Sophomore Class Cabinet Discuss Christmas Presents

Matt Carlton and lakecentralnews

The Sophomore Class Cabinet had a meeting on Thursday, Nov. 15 in A106. The cabinet is run by Mrs. Julie Koricanac, West Lake, and Mrs. Lauren Sandor, Freshmen Guidance. The goal of the Sophomore Class Cabinet is to help the kids work together and improve the school for their peers.

“We usually do fundraising and [get] the kids involved together as a class and [do] more class-based activities to get them to come together and help them get to know each other better,” Mrs. Koricanac said.

The meeting was used to discuss gifts that they are going to buy for an angel they chose off the angel tree.

“We chose an angel off the angel tree, and we discussed how much money out of our class cabinet we were going to spend to make his wishes come true. We want to give him the best Christmas possible,” Koricanac said.