Black Friday Fiasco

Cathryn Cearing and Cat Cearing

Long lines and low prices awaited eager shoppers ready for infamous Black Friday sales. However, many students have decided to leave this holiday tradition out in the cold.

“I don’t go out for Black Friday because of the terrible crowds. It’s a great idea for those who want to save money, but the disadvantages might not be worth paying for in the end,” Carmela Marciano (10) said.

Because it falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday is a day that can be taken advantage of to do some early holiday shopping; however, this shopping can quickly turn dangerous.

“[Last year] my friends and I were waiting for Victoria’s Secret to open their doors and a whole mob of people were waiting. Once the doors opened, it got really crazy and, long story short, I walked out with blood on my shirt,” Kelly Matakovic (11) said.

Experiences like this may have turned some people off of the popular shopping craze, but that does not mean that they haven’t found alternative ways to buy presents.

“I’m not so sure about Black Friday shopping. Cyber Monday, maybe,” Rachel Willy (10) said.