New Theater Faces Arise for Regionals


Alayna Wallace (10) commands Rachel Yorek (9), Brianna Mamelson (11), Megan Barry (9), and Jonathan VanHecke (11) in the Harvey Girls as they learn how to be better workers. The Harvey Girls performed for two weekends.

Ashley Bates and lakecentralnews

On Dec. 1, the theater company will perform their hard work on stage at Regionals; although some new acting faces come into the light.

“I always acted in Drama II and in middle school but I haven’t done it in a high school show,” Brianna Mamelson (11) said.

There was a double casting this year for Harvey Girls, and the understudy cast was able to perform for a night. But it does not stop there for some understudy parts Like Martha Mapes (9) and Mamelson. The cast of Harvey Girls is eagerly packing their bags with hopes of placing in the top three to perform the play at theater State.

“I’m super nervous for regionals. As the lead, I feel like it’s on my back if we make it to state or not,” Alyssa Graziani (11) said.

Graziani portrays Effie, the main character and narrator of the Harvey Girls.